Hockey Wash is a new company, however, the Esporta ES 3200 washing machines have been cleaning and sanitizing hockey equipment in North America for several years. Click on the thumbnails below to view the archived articles and video clips.

WTC Relief

In response to the tremendous need for assistance following the terrorist attack on America, Esporta Wash Systems Inc. has offered its services to the disaster relief effort at the World Trade Center in New York.

Like all of us in Canada, Randy Rhode, President of Esporta Wash Systems was in disbelief of the tragic terrorist attack in New York. The loss of life, horror and destruction was numbing. However, now that the devastation is past the need to address the task of cleaning up the site and getting New York back to work is paramount.

Esporta finds itself in a unique position to help out on the streets of the disaster relief efforts. Esporta's Washer-Dryer system with its EPA approved sanitizer is ideally suited for cleaning equipment and protective wear. This includes fire suits, harnesses, gloves, rope, boots, stretcher linings, and bags using specially designed cleaning agents from ECOLAB. With recent authorization from Lion Apparel, a leading manufacturer of fire suits, as an approved cleaning system, Esporta is able to provide a much-needed service.

Esporta Wash Systems Inc., ECOLAB, and The Great American Laundromat Inc. will offer FEMA, the New York State Emergency Office and the New York Fire Department free cleaning of all fire fighting gear and bulky rescue gear during the clean up efforts. Esporta, ECOLAB and The Great American Laundry will donate all products, labor and services at no charge during this time.

Walter Gretzky

Walter GretzkyKelowna B.C. - Canada's National Hockey dad, Walter Gretzky, is joining the fight to clean up our national sport - but not necessarily in the way you might imagine.

Gretzky has just signed an endorsement contract with Western Canada manufacturer Esporta Wash Systems Inc. of Kelowna, British Columbia.The company acquired Gretzky to promote its revolutionary new sports equipment washing system.

The new Esporta Wash System, now being sold across the continent, provides fast cleaning of all types of sports equipment.

Randall Rhode, President of Esporta, is delighted with the new Gretzky' partnership. ''It's a natural marriage as far as we're concerned. Nobody can relate to the horrors of filthy, sweaty sports equipment more than sports parents. And who represents parents better in this country than Walter!''

The new Esporta machine is designed to clean eight sets of equipment in as little as two hours. But odor and appearance are only two of the benefits the Esporta system provides game worn equipment. Perhaps Esporta's greatest asset is hygiene.

''Our machines use an exclusively created enzyme-based soap that attacks and destroys harmful molds and germs that can cause infections. Hockey moms and dads will think of Esporta first because it will eliminate odor, but we hope that eventually they'll realize the real value is that an Esporta wash is protecting their kids from infection. I think this is one of the reasons Walter was so keen to work with us.''

Already operational in Saskatoon, and soon to be up and running at Burnaby Eight Rinks outside Vancouver, Esporta systems are garnering the attention of major sports teams and associations across North America.

''We're overwhelmed with the response to this product though we'd be lying if we said we were surprised. Anybody who wears sports equipment is playing with fire if they don't clean the gear they're wearing. With Walter now on our team, we're looking forward to some explosive growth for Esporta,'' says Rhode confidently, pausing with a wry smile, ''Who knows, maybe we really can 'clean up' hockey!''