All About Hockey Wash


As hockey players ourselves, we admit to at first being skeptical about the idea of washing hockey equipment. Our first reaction was, "You don't wash hockey equipment!" Like most people who have played hockey all their lives, the concept of washing hockey equipment seemed so foreign. It's just something you don't do. (Upon reflection, of course, it was more accurately something you COULDN'T do.)

But then we discovered the incredible Esporta 3200 washer-dryer system - and, after experiencing firsthand what it could do, we were sold.

Imagine, we thought, how much happier parents, spouses, roommates, teammates, and so on would be if there was a way to eradicate the odour of stinky hockey equipment. And imagine, we thought, how much healthier it would be for everyone - especially the players themselves - if bacteria-laden, skin-irritating, smell-leaving equipment could be transformed into fresh-smelling, better-looking, longer-lasting equipment.

And that's when we decided to create Hockey Wash.

What follows, in question-and-answer format, are a few common queries and our responses to them. We hope that, after you've learned all about our revolutionary system, we have the opportunity to make a believer out of you too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How exactly does Hockey Wash work?

Most conventional cleaning systems clean by tumbling the items against each other, agitating the stains and dirt away. Due to the tumbling action, these machines are able to wash only a minimal amount of equipment, often damaging both the machine and the equipment.

The ESPORTA 3200 machine used by Hockey Wash features eight individual compartments. Each set of equipment is put into separate mesh wash bags that limits movement during the cleaning process, eliminating any damage.

Our unique system also features patent pending technology that cleans using low foaming cleaning agents which release enzymes into the water to destroy bacteria and fungus. (For a more detailed explanation of the cleaning process, take the of our operation.)

Why should I wash my equipment? Isn't the smell part of the game?

There are lots of reasons to wash your equipment. Here are five:

  1. Your equipment will last longer. The unpleasant smell of equipment is caused by bacteria and fungus that build up each time the equipment is used. In addition to causing a foul odour, this buildup of bacteria will cause the equipment to break down quicker.
  2. Healthy skin. Wearing equipment containing bacteria and fungus can cause skin irritations and rashes. Most people would not swim at a beach where the water is contaminated with unhealthy bacteria, so why cover your body in equipment that is full of similarly harmful bacteria?
  3. Your equipment will smell better. This will make it more pleasant to transport your equipment in your car, and to air your equipment out in your house, apartment, or your hotel room when you travel to tournaments.
  4. Your hands and body smell better. When you wear equipment that smells, it sometimes seems impossible to avoid your hands and body smelling bad as well. Showers help, of course. However, the smell from a stinky pair of hockey gloves can hang on for days, even after your hands have been washed repeatedly. Playing in clean equipment keeps your hands and body smelling fresh, even right after games.
  5. Increase resale value of equipment. Many young players grow so fast that they need new equipment each year. Equipment that has been washed and sanitized regularly will sell quicker than equipment contaminated with bacteria and fungus.

How do I know I will get my equipment back before my next game?

Hockey Wash makes daily pickups and deliveries to each Drop Zone. The equipment is transported to our facility, where we clean, sanitize, dry and return the equipment to the respective Drop Zones within 48 hours. Premium overnight service is also available.

Do you wash with water? If so, will my equipment be dry when I get it back?

Yes, our Esporta 3200 wash system cleans your equipment using water and special cleaning agents. And yes, your equipment will be dry when you pick it up at the Drop Zone. There are three stages of drying included in our unique process.

Do you wash all the hockey equipment a player wears?

Essentially, we wash all player/goalie equipement except things that traditional machines wash (underwear, socks and towels, for example). Although we will wash entire sets of Jerseys.

If I get my equipment cleaned, will the smell come back the next time I use it?

No. How quickly the smell returns will depend on the individual, how frequently the equipment is used, and how effectively it is dried. Under normal usage (1-3 times per week) equipment will remain fresh for 8 - 12 weeks.

My equipment is old and has never been cleaned. Will the machine damage my equipment?

Absolutely not. Our professional washing system features patent pending technology and extensively tested cleaning agents designed specifically for sports equipment. Your equipment is placed in an individual compartment of our wash system, remains stationary throughout the entire process, and never comes into contact with other pieces of equipment.

All equipment is carefully inspected at a Hockey Wash Drop Zone (your local sporting goods store), and any defects will be noted during this inspection. Equipment that is too old or already damaged will not be cleaned by Hockey Wash, unless the customer acknowledges the existing damage and consents to have the equipment cleaned at their own risk.

In the unlikely event any equipment is deemed to be damaged by Hockey Wash, it will be repaired or replaced at no expense to the customer.

Does each sporting goods store have its own special washing machine?

No. For your convenience, Hockey Wash has arranged for many local sporting goods stores to be Hockey Wash Drop Zones. We collect and return equipment from each Drop Zone on a constant basis, ensuring that your equipment is washed and returned to you in less than 48 hours.

If you can clean hockey equipment, can you not clean other things too?

Definitely. As our name suggests, we specialize in cleaning and sanitizing hockey equipment. However, our washer-dryer system, the Esporta 3200, is also designed to clean football, lacrosse, baseball, and roller hockey equipment, and more.

In addition to sports equipment, Hockey Wash cleans bullet-proof vests, ropes and harnesses, uniforms, etc. Essentially, any items too bulky or dirty for conventional cleaning systems we can wash.

What's the story behind Hockey Wash and the Esporta 3200 washer-dryer system?

Hockey Wash Inc. is an innovative new company, founded in Ottawa, whose goal is to provide a superior level of quality and service in the cleaning of hockey and other sports equipment.

Esporta, a Canadian-owned company based in British Columbia, has been refining and perfecting its patent pending technology, mostly in western Canada, for several years. (To learn more about Esporta, visit

If you have any further questions about Hockey Wash Inc. that have not been adequately answered here, please contact us directly at (613) 226-9906.