Hockey Wash Pricing Ottawa

Item Type
Player equipment (full set) $70.00
Goalie Equipment not including leg pads (full set) $70.00
Lacrosse (full set) $70.00
Individual Item $30.00
Skates or Individual item washed with full set $15.00
Goalie Leg Pads $30.00
Laundry $10.00
24 Hour Expedited Service $20.00
CONSUMER PROGRAMS (redeemed within the year)
Hockey Wash Membership (3 washes) $180.00
Family Hockey Wash Membership (5 washes) $280.00
TEAM PROGRAM (8 or more sets)
Full set of Player or Goalie equipment $55.00
Skates washed with full set $12.00
Individual item wash (each) $19.00
Jerseys - Team Set 15 or more Jerseys $2.50/ea.
Laundry Jersey/towels/Underwear/Socks $10.00/ea.
Delivery Schedule
At Drop Zone from Friday after 12:00pm to Monday before 12:00pm Delivered Wednesday before 4pm
At Drop Zone by Tuesday before 12:00pm Delivered Thursday before 4pm
At Drop Zone by Wednesday before 12:00pm Delivered Friday before 4pm
At Drop Zone by Thursday before 12:00pm

Delivered Monday before 4pm

At Drop Zone by Friday before 12:00pm Delivered Tuesday before 4pm
Prices are subject to H.S.T