Being in the hockey business the last 26 years one of the biggest concerns I have had is cleaning and sanitizing of our teams equipment. I have tried all the new sprays that have come out and all they seem to do is mask the smell. With my arrival in Ottawa this past year I was put on to the company HOCKEY WASH by someone in our marketing department. Well there is no doubt in my mind that HOCKEY WASH is the real deal, not only did it clean and sanitize our equipment, but is left our locker room with a refreshing smell. Not only would I recommend HOCKEY WASH to my peers, I would recommend it to every hockey dad and mom to not only help keep their childs equipment clean, but to help the equipment last alot longer.

Brian Patafie
Ottawa 67's

I was unsure about how well your service would work and how long the results would last but I have been pleasantly surprised. I had my equipment cleaned before Christmas this season and the freshness lasted for over 2 months. Even now my equipment smells far better than it did before I used your service.

Al Forsey
Ottawa, Ontario

At the time I heard about Hockey Wash, I was seriously considering an upgrade to much of my equipment. I play hockey 2-3 times a week year round and frankly, the odor stemming from my equipment was fast becoming the stuff of legends. As is the case with many hockey wives, mine ordered that my hockey bag live in the far corner of the garage between games. Instead of purchasing several new items, I decided, albeit a bit skeptically, to try Hockey Wash. When my gear was returned to me, I was truly amazed at the result. No trace of the smelly byproduct of those 100 or so games played in the last year. I'm not usually superstitious, but in the next game after I washed my gear, I scored a hat-trick. Needless to say the joke in the locker room afterwards centered around my new found fresh smelling equipment. Thanks Hockey Wash, you'll definitely see me back in a few months.

Marc Leger-Ottawa Travellers Summer Hockey
Ottawa, ON

After years of unsuccessfully trying methods such as conventional washing and fabric scented sprays to remove the odour from my hockey gear, after only one 'hockeywash' application my equipment came out smelling like new! I would highly recommend 'hockeywash' to anyone, who like myself, have been trying to rid themselves of the infamous 'hockey-smell' that my bag carried for years.

Kevin Chevrier
GM - Team Easton

The Grads, like all Jr. 'A' clubs, have a very busy schedule of practices and games and it doesn't take long for the gear and the dressing room to smell bad. Hockey Wash picked up our equipment after practice, cleaned it and returned it smelling fresh before our next practice. There was an immediate improvement in the smell of our dressing room.

Equipment expense is a large part of our budget. Having our equipment cleaned will increase its life span and reduce replacement costs while providing healthier conditions for our players and staff. I would recommend this service to teams and players of all levels.

Arnold Dashney
Cumberland Grads Hockey Club
Central Junior 'A' Hockey League