Hockey Wash is Ottawa’s only source for washing hockey equipment

At the heart of Hockey Wash is the Esporta ES 3200 washer-dryer system - the world's first commercial machine capable of cleaning heavy sports equipment and protective wear without causing damage to the equipment. The Esporta machine is the only machine that actually washes the equipment.  This award-winning technology not only ensures that your hockey gear comes back smelling like new again, but it can also increase the life of that expensive equipment.


 Esporta ES 3200 washer-dryer system

Esporta ES 3200 washer-dryer system

Hockey Wash kills the bacteria
that kills your equipment.

When a player sweats, that hot and wet environment creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to grow and flourish. And, as bacteria continues to build up, materials in hockey equipment eventually break down.

However, by cleaning equipment with Hockey Wash, you eradicate that harmful bacteria and halt a similar bacteria-building process for months. Our unique EPA-approved sanitizer effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria in your equipment. No more bacteria, no more smell.  Check out he thousands of bacteria found in equipment from an independent study here!

Dr. Barry Dworkin, who writes a health column for the Citizen, said the bacteria could include numerous types of pathogenic germs, viruses and fungal substances, which can lead to a variety of illnesses and skin infections, some of which he has treated....dirty hockey equipment can be a habitat for the hepatitis B virus, which causes very high fever, weakness and jaundice. The virus is found in infected blood and other bodily fluids, such as sweat and saliva."