Wondering how our unique process of washing hockey equipment works? Well, take a step-by-step tour of how your equipment goes from smelly to clean - in 48 hours or less.

Follow the 10 steps to clean hockey gear:


Collection bag
Step 1:

You arrive at any Hockey Wash Drop Zone with your equipment to be cleaned.


Step 2:

Each item to be cleaned is inspected by the Drop Zone staff and placed in the collection bag. Every item is accounted for on the Hockey Wash claim check sheet and any damaged items are noted. (The claim check sheet is a triplicate form. You get a copy, which serves as a receipt; the Drop Zone keeps a copy; and Hockey Wash gets a copy.)


Claim check
Step 3:

The Drop Zone staff secures the collection bag with a numbered Hockey Wash bag tag that identifies the Drop Zone and the number to be recorded on the claim check. The claim check sheet is completed with your name and contact information, and you receive your copy.


Step 4:

A Hockey Wash representative picks up the equipment from each Drop Zone and transports it to the cleaning facility.


Loaded wash bag
Step 5:

The equipment is removed from the collection bag and placed in a custom mesh washing bag. The wash-proof bag tag is also inserted into the mesh bag to correctly identify your equipment.


Loading the machine
Step 6:

The mesh wash bag containing your equipment and bag tag is inserted into one of the eight individual compartments of the Esporta 3200 washer-dryer system (the world's first commercial machine capable of cleaning heavy sports equipment and protective wear without causing damage to the equipment). Each set of equipment gets its own secure compartment.


Esporta ES 3200 wash system
Step 7:

In a 20-stage process that spans three hours, the Esporta 3200 machine washes, sanitizes, and dries the equipment contained in its eight compartments. The machine gently rotates the equipment through the water and releases special cleaning agents that both clean and deodorize the equipment, effectively killing 99.9% of bacteria. When the washing and sanitizing cycles are complete, the machine extracts the water and begins the drying cycle.


Drying process
Step 8:

Upon completion of the internal drying cycle, the equipment is removed from the washing machine and remains in the mesh bag for the external drying process. Electric fans also remove any residual moisture.


Return bag Step 9:

Now dry, the freshly cleaned, sanitized equipment is removed from the mesh bag and placed in a clear plastic return bag. This bag is sealed with the appropriate bag tag, which has remained with your equipment throughout the entire process.


Step 10:

A Hockey Wash representative returns the equipment to the Drop Zone where you left it. All that remains is for you to present your claim check, pay, and your newly cleaned equipment is ready to go!